What is Art Therapy?

  • A form of Psychotherapy, where you work with a trained and registered Art Therapist/ Psychotherapist.
  • Use a variety of art materials like paint, drawing etc, to help explore different ways of expressing and communicating thoughts and feelings where words can often be tricky.
  • A gentle way to express and recall memories and experiences.
  • You do not need any previous artistic experiences for Art Therapy.
  • Some helpful links: (BAAT & YouTube), 2020


What is an Art Therapist?

  • Is trained and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in order to practice legally. 
  • Art Therapists aim to create accessible safe spaces with art materials ready to use.
  • To practice safely, Art Therapists are required to have clinical supervision and keep a record of continual professional development (CPD) - (keep up to date on relevant news & policies, attend events, etc).
  • Art Therapists can work with all ages and in a variety of various places and settings. 

Why is Art Therapy helpful?

  • It can help explore uncomfortable and difficult thoughts and feelings; this could be following change, difficult times, traumatic experience(s) or hardships. 
  • A form of expression and communication - verbally (talking) and non-verbally (sensory, etc).
  • Supports people experiencing isolation, depression, anxiety, bereavement, loss, trauma, abuse, displacement and injustice.
  • Aims to help people with reflection, regulation, confidence and self-esteem, build relationships and trust, and feel less isolated. 

What do sessions look like?

  • 50 minutes long, Individual sessions (1:1)
  • Held in a confidential space, one to one, (virtually, face to face, indoors and/ or outdoors - (weather and safety permitting.)
  • Range of art materials and equipment are available and accessible.
  • Adaptable therapeutic approaches.
  • Art-making/ playing and talking occurs.
  • It is a space you can have fun + make a mess. 




My standard rates for art therapy sessions start at £55

Face to face and online

Short term and long term options

Offer consession rates. Please contact me.

Fees will be different depending on what people can afford*

Full fee is needed within 24 hours of session.

I offer a 15 minute free online consultation. 



Outreach to organisations, charities, grassroots and individuals to build communities.

Amplify mental health awareness and make it accessable through lasting partnerships.

Face to face and online

My standard rates for art therapy sessions start at £55

Fees for projects can be negoiated. 


This is for anyone interested in the profession and would like insight over a brew, either online or in person - (in person will have to be in Birmingham, UK)

“In Art Therapy colour is applied - in thickness, tones, media. The art-making process allows for an embodiment of identity beyond words." - Vicky Barber & Jean Campbell